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I am always here but sometimes you may need more. 

Family Board
If you’re having trouble getting along with someone in your family, or if you feel like your family life is on the wrong track, tell us what’s going on and we’ll try to help you understand.
Abuse Board
Have you experienced sexual, physical, or verbal abuse by someone you trusted? Or are you concerned about someone else who has? Nobody deserves to be hurt, let us help.
Relationships Board
Do you feel like your relationship isn’t working? Are you tired of being treated badly or even worse, do you feel unsafe? We’re here to help you decide what to do.
Drugs and Alcohol Board
Do you use drugs/alcohol to get through the day, or to ease your pain? Talk to us about the impact that substance abuse has had on your life or those around you.
Feelings Board
Ever feel depressed, unhappy, angry or anxious - like you can’t deal with life, and you wish everybody would leave you alone? Talk to us, you don’t have to go through it alone.
Bullying Board
Bullying happens to all types of kids, not just the “unpopular” ones. If you or someone you know is being bullied or threatened, find out what to do.
Suicide Board
Are things piling up so high that you feel like the only way out is to end your life? Don’t think anyone would even care if you were gone? We care, and we’re here to help!
School Board
Behind in classes… or just don’t have the drive to go to school anymore? Having trouble getting along with your teachers, or other kids at school? Talk to us for help.

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